Organic/Natural/Cruelty Free Hair products; Are they really what they say?

When I embarked on the journey to distribute an Organic Hair care range, I made sure I undertook research to determine the origins of, the heritage, ethics and the transparency of the various manufacturers- for my own piece of mind.  Along the way, I was shocked to find that some of the leading brands available in NZ claiming credible bona fides of “no animal testing” and “natural” etc, are owned by big corporates that do test on animals, are not as natural as they could be, and who’s products come out of the same factory as mainstream, non-organic products.

The question is how do we now believe these claims?  How do we know they are what they claim?  While we may support these brands because of their image and ethical values, are we being duped and just putting profits in the pockets of the multinationals?

Equally disappointing during my research was the apparent “invention” of some natural brands backstory. It was very hard to substantiate the creators of some of the brands I looked at; which in this day of information should not be the case. Products created by supposed experts and credible hairdressers appeared to have existed only within some companies marketing department.

Perhaps we need to think a little when we are deciding of what natural/organic Hair product we should use, do a little research outside of the “served up” marketing info from the product reps.
In a world where companies think it appropriate to “incentivise” you to purchase their products and then restrict what other products you’re allowed to sell, then both you and your customers are losing freedom of choice.

It’s sad to see much of the personal care and hairdressing industry losing its individuality by becoming the same as the others; part of the big corporate machine where there is limited choice- particularly in the allergy free/organic/natural/no animal tested markets.
A little competition is healthy and hopefully would encourage anyone claiming to have reputable allergy free/organic/natural/no animal tested products to lift their game and walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Vicki LambComment